Affliction of Existence

by Supreme Verdict

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released May 6, 2015

Recorded and mixed via Aggression Audioworks.



all rights reserved


Supreme Verdict Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Affliction of Existence (Ft. Karl Deuble of Distances)
This pain consumes us
A cyclone of dissolution
This is all that's left
a product of contamination

Leave me to my own
Let the sands swallow me whole
This fate I now scorn
Born to suffer forever more

I'm abandoned
Caught in this fucking filth
This affliction of my existence

I am forsaken, I am solitude

I curse the sun
trapped in abandonment
no end in sight
imprisoned in my own mind
Track Name: Dust to Dust
Every fucking day is getting harder than the last
I bottle all this pain inside, I know it fucking shows
The burden of reality it's cutting like a knife
The pain is so unreal, the pain is fucking unreal

Black clouds surround my every move
Until I'm nothing more
I wasn't built for this life
God take control of me

Feeding on impurities my life has become hell
Every step into reality I give up another piece of me
I don't know how it started, I don't know how it ends or
If it ever will. Is it ever real

It all means nothing
Just a pile of ash
Leave it all behind me
Erase my past

May the light guide me home
Track Name: Forever Haunting
The most vicious of cycles
It will never cease to be
Forever gnawing at your psyche
Forever haunting you in your dreams
Now the floodgates are open
The only option that's left
Come to terms with reality
it will follow you even in death

Born to face this eternal nightmare
No end in sight, it will never fucking die

The serpent's strike, unrelenting hatred
You roll the dice, sacrifice what's sacred
I never knew what was inside me would one day be the cause of my demise.

Forever gnawing at your psyche
Forever haunting you in your dreams
Track Name: Guillotine
Falling hard, bring an end to this frailty
Blurred sight, losing grasp on reality
The darkest night will choke out the morning
Until the end robs your body of humanity

As you watch the guillotine fall

Born to bear this burden of regret
the morning light brings nothing but a reminder of what's left
shards of glass lay shattered across this fucking floor
I fail to see the humor, I fail to see anything at all

Now I fly across this nightmare
soaring high before I wake
Constellations fill my body
Reality brings nothing but an early grave

As the world consumes you
As the guillotine falls
Track Name: Concrete Complacency
Your time meant nothing
Gone to the ashes of empty hearts
Born out of sorrow
Aspiring youth, now a broken man

So carry me away

Born into this vicious cycle of going no where
All that's left are memories of yesterday
Never once did I ever think it would come to this
Never once have I ever tasted the bitterness

I'm burning bridges left and right
As we stay warm by the dying light
Inside we're chained to our solitude
In the end time got the best of you

Time got the best of us all

I'm burning bridges
No end in sight
Embers and ashes
Will be our home tonight
Track Name: The Flood
Born with a heart so pure
Fed to a world too hard to endure
Swallowed whole by the gallows swinging
Lady luck is a devious fucking whore

Feeding on this body
Harlots bathe in the blood
Of a man too blind to see
The pain that would follow The Flood

Cast away this hate my heart holds
Wash away the lies I've been told
This struggle makes me stronger
Let it eat away at me

But I know in my cold black heart
That in the end everything falls apart