Memoirs of a Dying World

by Supreme Verdict

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released January 17, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Zack Rippy of Sound Signal Audio
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege
Album art by JSS of The Banner



all rights reserved


Supreme Verdict Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Memoirs of A Dying World
Born from malice, Forged by pain
I've been digging my own grave
Track Name: Mourning Eternal
The skies open wide foretelling what shall be
Burning eyes, broken promises. Signs of catastrophe
Born into permanence, Born into Tragedy
And I said I'm fucking drowning, so watch me as I sink

I begin to think there's nothing left for me
I succumb to this living hell

This is my final hour, This is my curtain call
Let the sun fall before you as a reminder of
The way that things once were, The things that we once had
It's all that's left now, It's all that's fucking left

I begin to think there's nothing left for me
I succumb to this living hell

And I still believe in God, but God no longer believes in me

Believe in me, I've worn this crown of thorns for way too long
I can't see this road in front of me, I can't see the light guiding me home
Track Name: Anguished Unmaking ft Troy Martin of Easy Money
Ashes to ashes, and dust to glass
I pray these tidings will come to pass

As burning bodies hang from broken down hooks
There is no comfort, It's solace that you fucking took
Left to endure in the torment that you left here

Swallowing flies, still left with nothing
Swallowed by time, my hopes are gone

I see these curses as a token of your broken trust
I've come complacent with the pride, envy, wrath, greed, and lust
Dead and abandoned, the poison laced with fear and spite
Submerged in darkness, Abandoned by the fucking light

(Troy Martin)
Broken Panes refelct a fear instilled
Shadow of doubt is real
Moment of clarity, I see from where I stand
The meek remain the same

Who put me in the slammer, I've done my fucking time
I perish through the now
And at the end of my strength I see you taught me how to let my purity fall
And now I walk

Through ruin to rapture
I pretend to dream, nothing else is real
My purity falls
Track Name: Gloomwidow ft A.J. Perez of Presagers
Apathy Undaunted lead me to my own demise
Never thought it'd come crashing down
Never thought I'd see the other side

I am running on empty
I am living on borrowed time
Feed my body to the shadows
Let the banshees feast upon my mind

All that's left now is suffering
No more gratitude, no more harmony
Force Fed Extermination

I've come to loathe this fucking day
and this is what it fucking left me
The Reaper plays his crooked games
My own mantra betrays

Sulking in pestilence, lead to the unknown
Guided by hatred as reality unfolds

This endless cast of pain and strife
Is what I've come to know
Broken sculpture, Seething thorn
Left to wither on my own

Disharmony, so pure
Remains cast upon me
Raining in torment, drenched in agony

Pain Eternal

Living in dejection
I can't feel anything
But contempt, solitude
The poisons of this world
This is all I have left, this animosity
Sulking up all of this
I just can't take it anymore
Track Name: Hate//Destroy
I'm about to break again
Can't afford to hold it in
Your love, it lies still deep
in my heart

I am the fire within
it burns in you till the end

This almost killed me
This persistence is why I still burn

This is all you know
We came to drink, blurred visions still bleak
Gods gave nothing to show
We still stood right here
We stood numb and broken

I can't forget what you gave to me
I won't forget what you gave to me

Track Name: Convicted
Grind me into dust and throw me away
Guide me away from this wicked world

Forced into this pain
This agony
Let me know it was not in vain
I cast these stones
I'd curse your world
If it meant you would feel my anguish

Inside the heart beating, outside the body fucking rots
I'll pick up the broken pieces, try to rebuild what I have lost

Misery has come to collect
Disconnect the outside world
How do I move on from this when you were all I know
You were all I ever wanted, A brothers bond strong through and through
Your love taken from my grasp now I'm forced to face this hell alone

Try to look past this hate
The sins that you commit
But it's just too much for me to handle
I'm writing the hymns that you will never hear
I'm screaming to the gates forever more

Inside the heart is beating, outside the body fucking rots
I'll pick up the broken piece, try to rebuild what I have lost

And i'm still holding this against you
As I stand at the foot of your grave
Track Name: Of Spite and Malice
They make no difference between the sick and the damned
Led to dissection as they're crippled by the other hand

Foundations crumbling, Living in the distrust
They prey upon the empty, Living in isolation

Population of pollution, left to fend on their own
There's no end to the misery, there's no end to the cycle

This is reality crashing into your heart
facing eternity it will rip you apart
repeating plagues it's a fucking disease
Consume your dignity, bring you down to your knees

Consumed by fate, This endless grave.